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A podcast about independent artists for independent artists. Each episode highlights different humans from all walks of life and their individual stories about inspiration, determination, struggle and so much more. Dive into the fantastic minds of these amazing people, absorb some useful knowledge and expand your perspective on the world around you! It's like, really important and stuff… or whatever. Curated, Produced and Hosted by Sikes. Start The Beat is part of the Epicast family.

Sep 4, 2015

For the 57th episode of #startthebeat I sat down with Harrison of BADBOXES for a talk about discovering music, creating music, producing music and overall just being completely consumed by everything that is "music". Really cool dude. The conversation gets a little technical and nerdy at some points but I personally like that and it's my show so deal with it. Sit back, relax and lets START THE BEAT! 

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