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Music · Art · Underground · Pittsburgh // Figuring it out. One week at a time.

Start The Beat is a podcast all about Pittsburgh Music & Entertainment. Dive into the minds of amazing creators working within the underground scene, absorb some useful knowledge and expand your perspective on the world around you!

Available on Spotify, Apple, Google, YouTube and basically everywhere else you find podcasts.

Jun 21, 2016

For the 91st episode I sat down with Chris Fox from the bands See You Next Tuesday & Dead Church for a talk about his experiences playing in bands and touring all over the damn place. We also talk about Chris's day to day hustle as a well established tattoo artist. It's rad. Chris is rad. This episode is rad. Sit back,...

Jun 14, 2016

For the 90th episode, I sat down with Drew & Jon (aka Gene) from Pittsburgh Rock powerhouse Gene The Werewolf for a talk about their long standing histories as independent musicians and everything you'd ever wanna know about pursuing your artistic/creative passions. Sit back, relax and lets START THE BEAT! 


Jun 7, 2016

For the 89th episode, I sat down with local emcee Palermo Stone for a talk about his come-up in the Pittsburgh community and everything he has encountered along the way as a independent artist. Sit back, relax and lets START THE BEAT!