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Brian Howe AKA Sikes is a Alternative Hip-Hop artist & producer from Pittsburgh, PA who is known locally for his work in various musical projects and other artistic endeavors. He also hosts START THE BEAT which is a podcast highlighting conversations between himself and all sorts of different jerks. Musicians, artists, comedians and all other types of screw-ups & undesirables. In other words… Some of the best people you’ll ever meet in your life. Start The Beat with Sikes is part of the Epicast network.

May 6, 2014

For the sixth episode of START THE BEAT I sat down with my Uncle Timmy aka Aunt Tina (who is the only member of my family that I still willingly speak to) for a conversation about rolling with the punches of life and pursuing your dreams at any costs. We recorded this episode at his apartment in New York City where he is currently living while finishing the writing process for a book about our crazy family. It's all sex, drugs and rock & roll this week friends so stop reading and START THE BEAT!