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Brian Howe AKA Sikes is a Alternative Hip-Hop artist & producer from Pittsburgh, PA who is known locally for his work in various musical projects and other artistic endeavors. He also hosts START THE BEAT which is a podcast highlighting conversations between himself and all sorts of different jerks. Musicians, artists, comedians and all other types of screw-ups & undesirables. In other words… Some of the best people you’ll ever meet in your life. Start The Beat with Sikes is part of the Epicast network.

May 13, 2014

For the seventh episode of #startthebeat I sat down with my friend Cody aka Stillborn Identity and found out that the two of us have a lot of things in common. This discovery led to a really cool conversation about being socially awkward indie rappers, having too many hobbies and never having enough time in a day. Will we find a way to work through it all together or forever be slaves to the DIY struggle? Only one way to find out... START THE BEAT!