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Apr 7, 2014

For the second episode of my new podcast I sat down with my friendly pal Tim for an intense conversation about being a promotor with goals & aspirations bigger than your average DIY joe. We also talk about the struggles of being an artist and getting your name "out there" countered with some potential solutions to these problems. (We're still working it out ourselves so don't take it from us) Defintley recommend this episode for anyone involved in a local music scene because Tim's views may give you a new perspective on things... or they might just piss you off. Only one way to find out... START THE BEAT! 

*Some words from Tim about the episode to note: 

" I don't really feel like starting a war with Roboto/DIY scene people. I don't agree with the attitude I used in talking about it all. People do what they do and that's totally cool. I just don't want this conversation taken out of context when I don't really feel the same way I did a month or so ago, when I had more ambition and when my argument was fresher in my mind. I respect their community and their venue a lot, it takes a lot of cooperation and coordination to have any music scene happen, even if we don't all see eye to eye. I regret saying some negative things about Roboto at one point in the episode. I've since made up (I hope) with at least one person involved with the venue, maybe someday I can summon the courage to talk to the rest of them, but I don't think I can do that right now. 

What I meant to say was basically that I don't agree with the logic, but even then, looking at it now that it's been a while since this was recorded, Who am I to say how they can/should run their space? The takeaway is that there's something for everyone in the city. They exist to fulfill a need that some desire. And that's cool and respectable. Basically I tried to merge different philosophies together that were oil and water. There are some good points to this conversation. But again. I regret those parts that I said."