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Just what the world needs! Another weirdo dork with a couple of microphones and Internet access. Fantastic. Just great. Totally amazing.
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Jan 31, 2017

For the 119th episode I cracked a couple beers open with Derek and Trevor from the band Choir and talked about a lot of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with their band. For those of you who don’t know, Choir are a 4 piece Noise Rock band from Pittsburgh, PA who has been active for 2-ish years. I like them a...

Jan 24, 2017

For the 118th episode I sat down with Pittsburgh, PA based DJ/Producer Duo Tracksplotation for a talk about their histories and personal experiences as electronic musicians who have been performing live for the better part of a decade. We also discuss some of the more technical aspects that go into their craft & unique...

Jan 11, 2017

For the 117th episode I sat down with Pittsburgh, PA based photographer/blogger Hugh Twyman for a talk about his history in the scene and his experiences covering it for the past 12+ years! Sit back, relax and let's START THE BEAT!